Pilates & Gyrotonic Trainers, Bodyworkers and Massage Therapists:

Please join us for the first Thai on the Table workshop at The Pilates House










Join Kay Rynerson to learn how to stretch your fully-clothed client in the context of a PILATES , GYROTONIC® or MASSAGE session. Adapted from Traditional Thai bodywork, sports massage and many other modalities, each stretch has been thoroughly road-tested for effectiveness and safety to the client and practitioner alike. You will learn the Saltwater Taffy method of stretching, a comfortable and painless way to maintain or increase flexibility. Stretching saves your hands, using gravity and leverage to do the work for you. Great body mechanics is key. These stretches have been road-tested and refined over many years in the classroom and the clinic. Handout with photos and text included, so no note-taking will be necessary.


Each day’s class stands alone, so you can sign up for just one day or both days.





10:00 to 5:00 (includes a one-hour lunch break)

Cost $150.00


The first day we will focus on stretching our clients in the supine, side-lying and seated positions. Targeting the neck, chest, shoulders, arms and hands, we will explore ways to lengthen, loosen and increase the range of motion at the joints and throw in some myofascial techniques to juice up the work on forearms to address issues for clients who sit at computers all day. We will be switching partners regularly. So, half the time, you will be receiving and giving valuable feedback to your partner. Your own body will thank you for coming. A key element of success is ensuring your comfort as a practitioner, so I will have my eyes on you to support great body mechanics.



SUNDAY SEPT. 10, 2017


10:00 to 5:00 (includes a one-hour lunch break)

Cost $150.00


On the second day, we will explore ways to address opening the hips, stretching hams, quads, glutes, adductors, low back and feet to maintain or increase flexibility. As you know, sitting at a desk all day, as many of our clients do, shortens the hamstrings and hip flexors and compresses the low back, so a global approach to stretching the lower body will address these issues in a manner safe and effective for the recipient and the practitioner alike. In this class, we will add in a few standing moves, using your feet as tools. The clients will be prone, supine and side-lying. The way you as a practitioner protect your own body is to move efficiently and safely, and we will emphasize those elements. We will partner up and rotate so you will get a lot of valuable work don on your own body.



If you sign up for both days the cost is $250.00

Space is very limited so your spot will be saved when your check has been received and you are confirmed.

Checks Payable to

The Pilates House

11 10th Ave. So.

Hopkins, MN 55343













I’m Kay Rynerson, Licensed Massage Therapist (since 1988) and Registered Thai Therapist. I trained in Thailand over 20 years ago and return on a regular basis to update my skills. I teach workshops in Thai massage, Table Thai, Thumbs-free massage, Ethics and more. In every group, there are committed and well-trained practitioners with their own unique way of executing moves, and they have been generous in sharing their knowledge, which I incorporate into future trainings.  I'm infinitely grateful to be a part of this international community of bodyworkers.


I have a private practice in Seattle, Washington, where I own a small spa. More at DVDs and textbooks available there as well.


"I learned a lot of new tools to use in my work. I really liked how Kay asked for people's input and ideas. The pictures are perfect!"
—Jeri H.


"Excellent, interesting material readily presented an able to incorporate into my existing work." — Cindy M.


"Everybody always likes to share their twist on a technique, I liked that she built in time to hear others' perspectives...I think Kay is a great instructor and has a great attitude and approach." — Angela K.


"Excellent at understanding questions that are asked and responding." — Alex M.


"Excellent material, kind and patient instruction." — Lindsay T.


"I appreciated Kay's attitude about not having to be perfect. Kay was very patient with those of us who are slower to grasp a new move...Kay could correct without sounding critical." —Heather D.


"Kay's approach was light-hearted and clear. The emphasis was on doing it -- no pressure on doing it exactly so. Also appreciated the pacing, guidance and walking through/demonstrating during the practice sessions." —Julie M.




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