"Pilates and the Gyrotonic® classes have truly kept me going."



"After saying goodbye to the corporate world and hello to my goal of "exercise," I made a giant step forward in my retired life.  A new Pilates House had just opened in a convenient location for me in downtown Hopkins in 2003.  I knew very little about Pilates, but I met an excellent trainer there.  It has now been 11 years and still counting!   The welcoming atmosphere at the Pilates House, superb trainers and other clients are now a fun and enjoyable part of my life every week."



 "Pilates has surpassed every other exercise program I have tried in successfully toning my entire body.  I am stronger, gained 1/2 " in height, and my arms have never been this sculpted."



 "Pilates has helped me in every aspect of my activities by increasing my flexibility and strength. I have been trained to use my core which has improved my golf game immensely!"