If you have never had a Pilates or Gyrotonic® workout with a trainer then you qualify for an INTRODUCTORY session at a reduced rate. This is to give you a clear understanding of what this type of session involves. It’s a one hour session with a trainer giving you a sample of the workout and includes discussion of your goals and concerns helping to find the best program for you.


The ultimate workout is the PRIVATE sessions that you do with a trainer. These sessions are created specifically for you and can be altered on the spot whenever needed to immediately address your physical issues. (Prices vary with these sessions depending on how often you train) These sessions typically include Pilates and Gyrotonic® methods, however you can elect to do either exclusively. Two people can be trained together as a SEMIPRIVATE session. If their goals are similar then this can help with cost and still give you individual attention and a wider range of equipment when necessary.


If you have worked with a trainer previously and want to join the REFORMER CLASSES call and set up a session with a trainer for placement or speak to an instructor about a trial class. If you know which class you want to attend then try and schedule your placement session with the instructor of that class. A maximum of five participants per class and a minimum of three help facilitate your session. We are now offering a one time package of Three privates and Four Reformer classes for the price of $270.00. This is for someone who wants to try a Reformer class but does not yet have the experience to join.


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